Comfy single room
with/without balcony

Comfy single room

At a price of 70 BGN per night

The three single rooms are located on the first and second floor of the hotel. The single room near Reception offers easy access for people with mobility difficulties. The bedding is one and a half person type. There is a private bathroom. They are equipped with air conditioning, mini fridge, telephone and LCD TV with cable channels. Each room has a wardrobe, dressing table, bedside table and a utility table.


Room without a balcony

Su. 75.00 bgn
Sa. 75.00 bgn
Tu. 75.00 bgn
We. 75.00 bgn
Th. 75.00 bgn
Fr. 80.00 bgn
Sa. 80.00 bgn

Room with a balcony

Su. 80.00 bgn
Sa. 80.00 bgn
Tu. 80.00 bgn
We. 80.00 bgn
Th. 80.00 bgn
Fr. 85.00 bgn
Sa. 85.00 bgn